Engineering in industrial automation and computer science

We work in the development and integration of industrial and commercial systems. We focus on the areas of information flow management, from its origin and storage, to its exploitation. Prioritizing the automation of tasks, processes and procedures, being these administrative and/or productive, integrating the different sectors, areas and regions.

We offer the correct selection, implementation and combination of technologies, in solutions with high added value at competitive costs.

We develop different types of engineering and automation projects, acquisition projects, data monitoring, IT maintenance contracts, technical support to users, applications, etc.

What we do

These are some of the areas in which we work with passion.

System Development

Applications that integrate production processes with administration.


Supervise, control and acquire the data of your production process.

Industrial Automation

Sensors, transmitters, control systems and transmission systems.

Mobile Apps

Professional applications designed for smartphones, tablets, etc.

Help Desk

User support and external IT department

Control Rooms

Design, integration and connection for Videoconference Rooms, Monitoring and Control Rooms.

SCADA Systems

Supervise, control and acquire the data of your production process.


Connectivity to their controlling or acquisition instruments, whatever language they use.

Online Data

Visualize in real time the variables of your production process.


Monitor the status of your computers and the environment variables in which they operate.


Graph, compare data and exploit historical information from your production systems.


Block diagrams and objects allow you to graphically view the architecture of your processes.


Receive notifications by mail, on screen or SMS of variables out of range.


Generate high-scalability industrial solutions

Flow Computers

Spirit - Flobboss - OMNI

Communication Protocols

OPC - Modbus - Owners

Electronic Boards

PLC's - Media Converters - Industrial Switches

TC POS Management

Management System for Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality.

TCPOS Solutions is a simple, powerful and flexible tool for the management of every aspect of the POS and the businesses dedicated to Retail, Restaurants, Hospitality, etc. The available options allow systems to be configured in an instant, according to the needs of the customer and an intuitive graphical interface that reduces training time to a minimum by allowing staff members to operate and become familiar with the new system quickly.

Modern Technology

Operates on any hardware and operating system.

Compatibe 360°

It allows connection of all types of peripherals and mobiles.


Configurable 100% to each of your requirements.

Simply Reliable

Stable and fail-safe; It also works offline.

Some of our jobs

These are some of our most recent works.

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